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Welcome to one of most relaxing spa, where our trained therapists offer you peace and tranquility whilst being treated. Come in and relax to soothing music as our therapists provide the perfect treatment. Our massage is specially designed to help people achieve the perfect mind-body harmony.



Visit this place.  Make sure to state the pressure you prefer, so don't blame them if you don't.  Plus make sure if you have an area that is tight or painful you let them know so you don't re-injure the area.  Folks are all license and you get your money's worth.  They have a nice steam room and a full shower towels including.

Santa C. Sidney, Canada

Great experience!  Thank you so much.  You guys know how to take care of your customers.  I will be back soon!!!!  Lyn was the BEST!!!!!

K "Killa KK Kell" C. San Diego, CA

I've been coming to this place for my massage for the past 6 months do to a lot of back pain after my pregnancy and I am so fortunate to found a place that really targets the places I need. I mostly have them work on my back shoulders and neck area. It's a great feeling to have a relaxing and Theraputic experience each time. If you are looking for a massage worth your time and money I would definitely recommend this place to anybody!

Courtney T. Campbell, CA

Had some neck pain and shoulder pain and was in the area and decided to try out this place with my bf.  Went in and got an hour for both and turns out it was more than I expected...we both had a great experience with the facilities using their nice clean steam room and shower then had our hour session with their massage therapists.  My therapist did a great job with deep tissue like I've requested for with even back walking, gave great attention to my neck and shoulders and didn't cheat me on my time any really can't remember her name but my bf therapist was great too so doesn't look like you can go wrong with this place!  Would definitely return for the clean facilities and steam room alone‼

Tiffani P. San Jose, CA

Loved the massage, no complaints. Fabulous value for a wonderful massage. I drive and fly a lot for work and my back was in a lot of knots. My masseuse, Myam, gently kneaded the knots away. I was so relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Dheena K. San Jose, CA

I had a back injury at the gym and someone recommended massage therapy so I gave this place a "Try".
The owner recommended me to see Tiffany but Apparently she's very popular as our schedules couldn't coordinate so I had Annie take care of me, and let me tell you that she has a great walk on your back Technique.
Place was recently renovated so it's nice, cozy and clean.
I walked (flouted) out feeling rejuvenated.
I can't wait to go back for another session and maybe give Tiffany a try if we can ever coordinate.
Best money I have ever spent on a massage.
Their price is very affordable too!

Hector C. San Jose, CA

Me and my girlfriend have been shopping around for different massage places and there's was never one where we walked out completely satisfied with the "ahhhh" type of feeling...until today! From the very beginning, we walked in and they had smiles on their face and asked us to (circle) the areas on our body that we wanted them to target. This isn't your generic spa. They have a steam room that is free to use either before or after your massage and a shower to rinse off all the oils. I had Ivy as my masseuse and my girlfriend had Emily as her masseuse. We are definitely going to get good use out of our buy 10 get one free stamp card!

P.S. it's a great place to walk out with a happy boyfriend/girlfriend

My husband and I came here for a couples massage the other night and since they don't have a couples room we had to be split up. Not really a big deal. They ladies did a great job and gave us 25% off when we checked in on YELP which was a great deal. We left feeling really relaxed, and will be back! Thanks again!

I came to Happy Lemon for ice tea and decided to stop by at Dai Nam for a massage. The masseuse name was Kathy. She did an excellent job in addressing my sore shoulder and back from a hiking last week. I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of this place. After massage I spent some time in the steam room and felt like a new person. I would highly recommend this place for anyone that are looking for a place to relax!

I was having some pretty bad neck and shoulder pain so I decided to try this massage parlor out. When I got there the vibe was that it was very clean and it was very quiet. They don't do foot massages like the other Asian massage parlors because this one focuses more on body. They also have a steam bath in the shower in there that you can use before and after the massage. I had Emily who was very good at the body massage. I was able to communicate with her and tell her exactly where to focus on and she did exactly that. After the massage I felt refreshed!